Monday, February 16, 2015

Village Crown goes Abroad: Unforgettable Food from Israel!

By Maxime Keyson

I have just returned from the beautiful country of Israel where I was traveling for the past 2 weeks and am delighted to share some exciting experiences from abroad! Here are some of my favorite food moments from across the Mediterranean Sea (and can be found here at Esprit too!):

No wonder everyone loves the Esprit Candy Station! Israel is covered with amazing mouth-watering candy stands! Dive in and load up your bag for only a few Sheckels! 

This amazing Dim Sum stand at the Carmel Market! You can try any dumpling from chicken and beef to sweet potato & spinach and even goose liver!

You can smell the spices wafting around the streets from these amazing spice stands! 

This local Hot Cider stand in the mountainous village of Tzfat - delicious! 

And of course Shwarma! Everywhere you go you can count on a freshly baked pita stuffed with juicy meats and veggies slathered in hummus and tzatziki! Yum!


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