Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bye Bye May

May was a delicious month - for our guests and clients. And one of the busiest Mays that we've had in several years. Thank you for that!

Our Sushi Live Station (complete with swimming fish) went live seven times - that's many rolls rolled! Sushi still maintains its status as a favorite station at any event. Clients frequently ask whether they should include sushi on a menu or whether it's become passé. I shrug. Whether or not fashion dictates that sushi has had its day and should move over and make way for the next "it" item, our palates are still going wild for the little rolled rounds!

But there is new - we debuted our Trekking thru Thailand Station - and the feedback was great. Different flavors and tantalizing aromas envoking Thailand waft from the wok as chefs prepare-to-order chicken, beef, duck or tofu with toss-ins including lemon grass, water chestnuts, baby bok choy, crispy snap peas, bean sprouts, straw mushrooms, bamboo shoots and fresh ginger with a basil garlic chili, Thai ginger or black bean sauce. I'm crazy about the spicy green papaya salad with a creamy peanut sauce!

And yes, all of this is of course kosher. We're receiving an increasing number of inquiries from clients who aren't specifically seeking a kosher caterer, but there's a feeling of food safety with kosher and that's important to everyone. Honestly, most people don't even notice that "tref" isn't on the menu - there are too many good things being served!