Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let Them Eat Cheese Cake

One week countdown to Shavuot - holiday begins the evening of May 18th. Proper nourishment is important before AND after a night of learning.

We've been testing multiple cheese cake recipes and our cheese bill is through the roof - but it's so nice to have a reason to HAVE to use dairy as opposed to trying to come up with delicious pareve desserts!

A couple of tips we'd like to share - to avoid dry, cracked and lumpy cheese cakes!
1) You need to let the cream cheese soften and then use a lot of patience to incorporate all the ingredients into the cream cheese
2) After you have removed your delicious creation from the oven, while it's cooling, run a paring knife around the rim of the cake by the pan every so often to loosen the cake. That way it won't crack as it cools

Our favorite this year? A marble cheesecake with bitter chocolate - such an elegant presentation with those swirls (and so fun to make!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kosher Catering Demystified - How to talk with a caterer

Selecting a kosher caterer in NYC should be fun, not stressful. The more you know about how a caterer works, the easier it will be to interview caterers. With that in mind, we're providing this "cheat sheet" for your reference.


From a caterer's perspective every event is slightly different based on the venue, the guest count, the service style and the client's special requests. Therefore, there are certain questions that any good caterer is going to ask you - and if you've already had a chance to think about these issues, it will save both of you time -

"What type of event are you envisioning? A formal plated meal, family-style or buffet? For a reception - do you want a combination of passed hors d'oeuvres and stationary items. Do you want live stations where a chef prepares guests' selections to order?

"Have you already selected a venue?

"What kind of bar do you want - wine & beer, a full open bar, champagne?

"Are there are specific themes you want to incorporate into your event - whether they be ethnic cuisines, colors, flavors, or another special theme that you have

"Approximately how many guests do you expect? If children are in attendance, do you want a separate menu for them? Will they be seated intermingled with the adults or in their own section?


* How many years have you been in the catering business?
* Do you have sample menus with pricing that I can see?
* Do you offer a kid's menu for the younger children?
* What's included in the catering price, and what do you price separately? (food, beverages, service, centerpieces, linens, china, chair covers, other rentals, etc.)
* How do you charge for liquor; straight per person, or per the bottle?
* What is the ratio of staff to guests?
* How do you price your staffing and gratuities?
* Can we make an appointment for a bar mitzvah food tasting? Is there a change for this?
* Will you provide us with a complete and signed catering price list that also includes your payment/cancellation policy?
* When do you require the final bar mitzvah head-count?
* Do you have liability insurance?
* May we speak to one of your recent Bar Mitzvah catering client?

Typical Kosher catering services offered in NYC

Kosher Menu Planning
This is the really fun part – creating a menu that captures the spirit of your event – from the welcome reception to the light or lavish dessert, together we’ll select the items that you and your guests will enjoy.

Kosher Open Bar

Sometimes a simple red and white fits the occasion while other times a signature cocktail is called for. As long as it complements the mood and the food, we’re together on this one.

Kosher Event Staffing

In order to provide the level of service that your guests deserve, our professional staff are empowered to attend to and anticipate their every need.

China, Linen, Etc Rentals
All part of setting the scene and ensuring a seamless flow between food preparation, presentation and the comfort of your guests.

Kosher Venue Rentals
Once we have a sense of the mood you want to create, we will recommend a variety of locations for your event, including museums, museums, art galleries, clubs and synagogues.